"Baltik Eko Group", SIA, Liepāja

Grizupes 10a, Liepaja, LV-3414, Latvia

+371 29453433

Oil product and other waste collection and utilization, recycling.
Oil filters, edible oils, oil products containing waters, with oil
contaminated soil, oil products containing absorbents, (shingles, rags)
used car tires, accumulator batteries, electronic, electric scrap,
(monitors, printers, old washing machines, refrigerators) etc.. Reservoir
cleaning works and their dismantling. Debris removal. Consultation
about environmental protection and ecological issues. Vacuum machines.
Pollution. Polluted soil, land. Oil product spill. Hazardous waste.
Hazardous waste collection. Wastewater collection. Grease trap and
sand catchers cleaning. Transportation. Reservoir, cistern, area cleaning
works. Petroleum , chemical substances collection. Tank cleaning. Chemicals,
waste transportation.